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Body repair

Car Reinforcing workAgreed price
Replacing body partsAgreed price
Painting side elementfrom 3000 RUB
Painting the hood, rooffrom 5000 RUB
Painting the trunk lidfrom 4000 RUB
Renewal of body geometryAgreed price
Repairing body partsAgreed price
Car Stacking worksfrom 10000 RUB

Car diagnostic

Diagnosis Gearbox and Automatic Transmissionfrom 550 RUB
Diagnosis brake and ABS systemfrom 550 RUB
Diagnostics suspension and steering car systemsfrom 350 RUB
Computer engine diagnosticsfrom 550 RUB

Repair of Car Air Conditioning

Replacing air conditioning compressorAgreed price

Cars evacuation

SUV Evacuationfrom 1000 RUB
Car Evacuationfrom 1000 RUB

Repair of Car Air Conditioning

Car Air-Conditioner Cleaningfrom 1500 RUB
Air conditioner diagnosisfrom 800 RUB
Replacing the evaporatorAgreed price
Replacing air conditioner radiatorAgreed price
Replacing tube high / low pressureAgreed price
Filling the car air conditionerfrom 1500 RUB
Flushing the air-conditioning systemfrom 1500 RUB

Brake system repair

Replacing Pad Set (rear, drum)from 800 RUB
Replacing Pad Set (rear, disc)from 800 RUB
Replacing Pad Set (front)from 500 RUB
Replacing caliperfrom 800 RUB
Replacing brake drumfrom 700 RUB
Replacing brake diskfrom 1000 RUB
Replacing brake cylinderfrom 1000 RUB
Replacing brake fluidfrom 600 RUB
Bleeding the brakesfrom 500 RUB

Suspension Repair

Replacing shock absorberAgreed price
Replacing SealsAgreed price
Replacing armAgreed price
Replacing HobsAgreed price
Replacing racks of the stabilizerfrom 250 RUB
Replacing ball bearingsfrom 350 RUB

Transmission repair

Changing the oil in the automatic transmissionAgreed price
Changing oil in gearboxfrom 350 RUB
Replacing clutchAgreed price
Replacing clutch cablefrom 600 RUB
Repair of automatic transmissionsfrom 20000 RUB

Engine repair

Replacing the fuel pumpAgreed price
Replacing sensorsAgreed price
Replacing the engine oilfrom 350 RUB
Replacing VALVE STEM SEALAgreed price
Replacement of the oil pumpAgreed price
Replacing alternator beltAgreed price
Replacing timing beltAgreed price
Spark Plug ReplacementAgreed price
Replacing starterAgreed price
Engine major repairsfrom 15000 RUB

Car Alarm

Installing GSM tracker, beaconsfrom 1500 RUB
Installing Car Door Closerfrom 2500 RUB
Installing a hood lockAgreed price
Installing immobilizerAgreed price
Installing an engine startup modulefrom 1500 RUB
Installing car alarmsAgreed price

Car tuning

Installation of xenonAgreed price
Chip Tuning / ECU FirmwareAgreed price

Car Audio

Installing speaker systemAgreed price
Installing car radio head unitAgreed price
Car SoundproofingAgreed price


Side window replacementAgreed price
Rear window replacementfrom 2500 RUB
Windshield replacementfrom 2500 RUB

Car optics

Replacing car light bulbAgreed price
Headlight RestorationAgreed price
Headlamp adjustmentfrom 500 RUB
Headlight repairAgreed price

Repair electricians

Battery Replacementfrom 100 RUB
Replacing / repair alternatorAgreed price
Replacing / repair electric wireAgreed price
Replacing / repair of starterAgreed price
Repair the ignition systemAgreed price
Repair of car electric unitsAgreed price
Installation of additional electrical equipmentAgreed price
Installation / repair of the auxiliary heaterfrom 5000 RUB

Repair exhaust system

Replacing mufflerfrom 500 RUB
Replacing corrugated mufflerfrom 1000 RUB
Replacing catalystfrom 500 RUB
Repair mufflerAgreed price
Repairing catalystfrom 1500 RUB
Removal of the particulate filterfrom 15000 RUB

Welding argon

Welding argonAgreed price