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Renovation of apartments, houses, offices

Bathroom RenovationNot specified
RedecoratingNot specified
Basement RenovationsNot specified
Design project renovationNot specified
Full renovation of WCNot specified
Beton renovationNot specified


Diagnosis dishwasherNot specified
Minor repairs of dishwasherfrom 1000 RUB
Complex repair the dishwasherfrom 3000 RUB

Fridges and freezers

Diagnosis refrigerator, freezerNot specified
Minor repairs of refrigerators, freezersfrom 1000 RUB
Complex repair refrigerators, freezersfrom 3000 RUB

Water heaters

Diagnosis of water heaterNot specified
Small water heater repairfrom 1000 RUB
Complex water heater repairfrom 2500 RUB

Washing machines

Diagnosis of the washing machineNot specified
Minor repairs of washing machinefrom 1000 RUB
Complex repair washing machinefrom 2500 RUB

Husband for an hour

Husband for an hourNot specified

TV Antenna Installation Service

Setting up a satellite dishfrom 1000 RUB
Installing a satellite dishfrom 2000 RUB

Plumbing services

Installation of radiatorsNot specified
Connecting the dishwasherfrom 2000 RUB
Connecting a washing machinefrom 2000 RUB
Laying pipes for hot and cold waterNot specified
Laying sewer pipesNot specified
Installing bathNot specified
Installing water heaterfrom 2000 RUB
Installing shower cabinNot specified
Installing towel dryerfrom 2000 RUB
Installing sinkNot specified
Installing mixerfrom 1000 RUB
Installing a water meterNot specified
Installing a toiletfrom 2000 RUB
Installing water filtersNot specified


Assembling automatic machinesNot specified
Laying power wireNot specified
Installing a sconceNot specified
Installing chandeliersNot specified
Installing the junction boxNot specified
Installing an Electrical OutletNot specified
Installation of electricity metersNot specified


Installation of the boilerfrom 2000 RUB
Installation of water underfloor heatingNot specified
Installation of the gas boilerNot specified
Laying heating pipesNot specified
Installing the thermostatNot specified

Doors and windows

Door removalNot specified
Painting windowsNot specified
Doors installationNot specified
Windows installationNot specified
Window sill installationNot specified
Winterizing windowsNot specified

Small Home Appliances

Diagnosis of small household appliancesNot specified
Minor repairs of of small household appliancesfrom 500 RUB
Complex repair of small household appliancesfrom 1000 RUB
Medium repair of small household appliancesNot specified

Audio and video equipment

Diagnosis of audio and video equipmentNot specified
Minor repairs of audio and video equipmentfrom 1000 RUB
Complex repair of audio and video equipmentfrom 3000 RUB
Medium repair of audio and video equipmentNot specified

Cooking hob, oven

Diagnosis cooker, ovenNot specified
Minor repairs of cooker, ovenfrom 1000 RUB
Complex repair cooker, ovenfrom 3000 RUB
Medium repair of the kitchen stove, ovenNot specified

TV Repair

Diagnosis TVNot specified
Small TV repairfrom 1000 RUB
Complex TV repairfrom 3000 RUB
Medium TV repairNot specified

Cameras and Camcorders

Diagnosis of photo and video camerasNot specified
Minor repairs of cameras and camcordersNot specified
Complex repair cameras and camcordersNot specified
Medium repair of photo and video camerasNot specified

Gaming consoles

Diagnosis game consoleNot specified
Minor repairs of game consoleNot specified
Complex game console repairNot specified
Medium repair of the game consoleNot specified

Coffee makers

Diagnosis of coffee makers and coffee machinesNot specified
Minor repairs of coffee makers and coffee machinesNot specified
Complex repair of Coffee maker and coffee machinesNot specified
Medium repair of coffee makers and coffee machinesNot specified